Bend it like ‘Bama

So what have one million people done to my football pitch? Has majestic battle hymn IMG_0524democracy destroyed the ground friends and I play soccer upon every Sunday? Well I suppose an alliterative public extension of the bonds of inclusion in front of millions (especially John Roberts) is worth a little turf destruction. And a public articulation of the communal bonds that make individuality, enterprise and other commonplaces of liberal mythology possible a worthwhile learning moment for the student citizens on the Mall. And a call out about the storms coming another useful moment of sense making against the Age of Stupid (and the hydrocarbon lobby’s lock on the dome). All together it was  a welcome further bending of that arc of the moral universe….

Here’s my pre-inauguration photo of the pitch. What will it look like this Sunday?


About Gerard Toal

I am an Irish born DC based Political Geographer researching territorial conflicts and the dynamics of geopolitical competition in post-Communist Europe.
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