Work in Progress

Near Abroad was published in January and there’ll be a book launch event in the next month in Washington D.C.. In the meantime, I’ve been collaborating with John O’Loughlin and others to get a few research papers wrapped up based on our 2014 data. Three are in various forms of completion:

  • A Russkii Mir paper that examines this geopolitical frame and who identifies with it the contested territories in Russia’s Near Abroad. This triple authored paper will be out soon in Eurasian Geography and Economics.
  • A paper on the evolution of attitudes in Southeast Ukraine’s year of living dangerously. This compares KIIS survey data April (Mirror Weekly survey of SE8) with our NSF-sponsored survey from December of SE6. I’ve written the first part which contextualizes the survey work, and JohnO is refining the survey data analysis based on feedback received from Henry Hale and others at ASEEES 2016.
  • A paper on blame attribution and conspiracy theorizing, using the MH-17 case. This re-visits and deepens the data we first published in a piece on the Monkey Cage blog.
  • A “Lenin is Falling” paper that combines event data of monument destruction in Ukraine in 2014 with survey data on attitudes towards this destruction. We’re happy to be working with Volodymyr Ishchenko and his protest event database on this project.

All going well, I expect to be working on a different research project by this summer.



About Gerard Toal

I am an Irish born DC based Political Geographer researching territorial conflicts and the dynamics of geopolitical competition in post-Communist Europe.
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