I have taught courses online for Virginia Tech for 20 years. Almost all of my 100+ video lectures are restricted to Virginia Tech students. In the Spring of 2017, I have decided to make some of the video lectures I am creating for my graduate course Political Geography available publicly on YouTube. These video lectures are for educational purposes only, and contain diagrams that I created for this purpose. I have also used images from texts and elsewhere: if anyone believes these violate fair use I’d be happy to correct any problem. Here are some links to videos now available on the YouTube channel I’ve created for these lectures.

General Lectures

Critical Geopolitics: A Quick Introduction

Thinking Critically About Geopolitics: 2006 Lecture to the Introduction to the second edition of Toal, Dalby and Routledge, eds.  The Geopolitics Reader (Routledge 2006).

Near Abroad book discussion

Political Geography Spring 2017 course lectures.

Module 1

Political Geography 2017: An Introduction

Lecture 1: Introduction to Political Geography: Four Questions

Lecture 2: Political Geography and Bio-Politics

Lecture 3: On Europe’s Bloodlands

Lecture 4: Homogenizing the City: The Making of Ukrainian Lviv